Terrie V. Matthews, Broker


I have known Terrie Matthews since we were both teenagers, and because of her unquestionable integrity, it did not surprise me that when it became necessary for my mother to sell her home that she chose Terrie to be her Realtor.

Since my mom is in her mid-eighties, and resides in an assisted living facility, I was left with the responsibility of getting the house ready for the market. If it was not for Terrie I would have been totally lost. To say she was my savior is no way an understatement. She guided both my mom and me through every step of selling the house. She made great recommendations, assisted in procuring services for clearing out and cleaning the house, and helped us through every step of the process. She made a stressful time much easier. Of course, COVID came up during this time to further complicate matters, but she kept us apprised of everything that was going on. 

We were able to sell the house at a great price in a timely manner. My mother is currently well taken care of and content which makes my life much easier. I sincerely thank Terrie for her assistance and professionalism. I will recommend her to anyone that I know who is in the market to buy or sell a home. In this day and time, it’s really nice to say that there are still people who take pride in what they do, and Terrie Matthews is definitely one of those

Kim McNutt

About 12 years after a successful first home purchase, I reach back out to Terrie to sell two properties and purchase a third. I would highly recommend working with Terrie! She is an exceptional agent! What makes her exceptional is her willingness to take the time to understand your home buying or selling goals. She takes the time to appreciate precisely what you are looking for and communicates honestly about what exists and what is feasible based on the facts about your unique situation. She is a person of integrity who focuses on the needs of her client above simply trying to push you into a quick deal. Terrie uses her extensive experience and eye for detail to call your attention to critical physical, structural or environmental details that she has learned will matter to you! While working with Terrie there was never a moment when I felt pressure to make decision or to move faster than I was comfortable. Rather, she provided factual and relevant guidance based on her expertise and always left the decisions and timelines up to me. Working with Terrie never even felt like a business relationship. I believe that is because she truly loves what she does, making it seemingly effortless on her part. She is warm, friendly, and is genuinely interested in your best outcome! I think I will make one more home sale and purchase in the next 5 - 10 years. So, you’d better believe that in 2028, I’ll be calling Terrie to start planning!

Jacqueline Somerville